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Markins Tripod Hub TH-300


TH-300 is a replacement center hub for selected Gitzo Series 3 tripods.
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: USD $179.99 (CAD $233.99)
Color: Natural Green
Option: Check this to include an optional loop ($9.99)
TH300 TH300 TH300    

Hub and Gitzo Tripod Hub and Gitzo Tripod

Custom-designed for for selected Gitzo tripods, Markins tripod hub is a tuning kit to improve the performance of Gitzo tripods. It improves stability and transportability.

  • Designed to replace the factory installed hub
  • Precision machined from a single block of airplane grade duralumin
  • Enhances stability and reduces vibration (Click here for a pdf report)
  • Reduces the weight and size for better portability
    (Example: The weight reduction for the GT2531 Carbon 6X tripod is 0.4 lbs. Exact amount can vary from model to model.)
  • Great for macro photography by lowering tripod to the ground level without raising the center column
  • Built-in sprit leveler for leveling tripod
  • Optional loop available
  • For installation instruction click here.
  • The kit doesn't come with tools for installation. The tools that came with tripod should be used.
  Model Compatible Tripods
G1220, G1224, G1226, G1227, G1228, G1257, G1258, G1297, G1298, GT2530, GT2540, GT2541L, GT2931, GT2940L, GT2941, GT2941L, GT2531, GT2541, GT2542L, GT2932, GT2940C, GT2942
G1320, G1326, G1327, GT3330, GT3530, GT3540, GT3540L, GT3531, GT3541, GT3541L, GT2542S, GT2542LS, GT3532S, GT3532LS, GT3532LSV, GT3542LS, GT3542XLS, GT4542LS, GT4542TS, GT4542GTS


GT5532LS, GT5532S, GT5542LS, GT5562GTS, GT5562LTS

  Model   Markins Tripod Hub TH-300
  Weight   0.50 lbs (225 g) (with mounting bolt installed)
  Dimension   Φ4.06×2.01 in (Φ103×51 mm)
  Color   Natural Green
  Fit   Check the table above for full list