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Availability: Out of Stock
Price: USD $ (CAD $0)
Color: Titanium

Rubber Feet Bubble Spirit Safety Pin Closed Jaw
  • Improve stability and reduce vibration
  • Made of high quality titanium for ultimate strength
  • New easy installation: just unscrew the existing rubber feet and screw in.
  • Comes with a set of rubber shoes for indoor use
  • Must have for outdoor photographers
  • Suppoted Tripods: Gitzo GT2530LVL, GT2530EX, GT2931EX, GT2530, GT2931, GT3530, GT3540, GT3540L, GT3530S, GT3540LS, GT3530LSV, GT3540XLS, GT5540LS

Selection Guide

(Tripods not listed here are not supported at this time. Markins tripod bases don't fit Gitzo imitation brands such as Benro.)

Gitzo G1127
Gitzo G1127G
Gitzo G1220 TB-20
Gitzo G1224 TB-20
Gitzo G1226 TB-20
Gitzo G1227 TB-20
Gitzo G1227G
Gitzo G1227LVL
Gitzo G1228 TB-20
Gitzo G1228G
Gitzo G1228LVL
Gitzo G1257 TB-20
Gitzo G1258 TB-20
Gitzo G1297 TB-20
Gitzo G1298 TB-20
Gitzo G2227
Gitzo G2228
Gitzo G1320 TB-30
Gitzo G1326 TB-30
Gitzo G1325
Gitzo G1325V
Gitzo G1327 TB-30
Gitzo G1348
Gitzo G1548GT
Gitzo GT2530LVL RS23
Gitzo GT2540LVL
Gitzo GT2941LVL
Gitzo GT2530EX RS23
Gitzo GT2540EX
Gitzo GT2931EX RS23
Gitzo G2220
Gitzo GT2530 RS23 TB-20
Gitzo GT2531 RS23
Gitzo GT2540 TB-20
Gitzo GT2541
Gitzo GT2931 RS23 TB-20
Gitzo GT2941 TB-20
Gitzo GT2941L TB-20
Gitzo GT2330
Gitzo GT2340L
Gitzo GT3530 RS23 TB-30
Gitzo GT3540 RS23 TB-30
Gitzo GT3540L RS23 TB-30
Gitzo GT3530S RS23
Gitzo GT3540LS RS23
Gitzo GT3530LSV RS23
Gitzo GT3540XLS RS23
Gitzo GT5530S
Gitzo GT5540LS RS23
Gitzo GT5560SGT

  Model   Markins Titanium Rocket Spikes RS22
  Type   Titanium Spikes with Rubber Shoes
  Weight   0.7oz (20g) per spike
  Dimension   1.25 × 0.86 in (32 × 22mm) (Length × Diameter)
  (Length excludes the threaded part)

Details of RS22
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